Adobe Reader

The Adobe Reader is required for Document Access and for viewing the dynamically generated reports which are produced in Acrobat (.pdf) format. Click the "Get Adobe Reader" logo to the left to download Adobe Reader.

IMPORTANT: The Adobe Reader download often allows the option of installing a third-party toolbar, which contains additional pop-up blockers. Pop-up blockers cause the majority of problems experienced by SONRIS Document Access users. Therefore, we recommend that you deselect the option to download this toolbar, or configure it to allow pop-ups for to permit proper functionality of SONRIS Document Access.


The PosteRazor cuts a raster image into pieces which can afterwards be printed out and assembled to a poster. This download is available for Windows or Mac use.


IrfanView is an alternate viewer for Document Access that allows the display of larger format documents, including certain well logs, that may not display properly within Adobe Reader. Click the "IrfanView" logo to the left to open the IrfanView download page for Windows users.

Java 7 Update 45

Java is required when using the forms within SONRIS Database Classic and for GIS Access. Click the "Java" logo to the left to open the Java executible for Windows users. Click the RUN button to install. Click here for 64 bit Version

Older Version Java 6
64 bit Version
32 bit Version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

DNR recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer, available for free download from Microsoft's website. Click the "Get Microsoft Internet Explorer" logo to the left to open the download page.

Google Chrome

DNR recommends Google Chrome as the prefered broswer for your GIS needs, available for free download from Google's website. Click the "Get Google Chrome" logo to the left to open the download page.